Utilized by NASA and aviation engineers the same fine-tuned technology is inside our Sigma Instruments which we use to precisely determine and treat the problematic area.

When a chiropractor assesses the spine, they are checking for motion, fluidity and or rigidity of the joints. Restrictions in these joints cause the nerves to become irritated and therefore transmit pain signals

Similar to chiropractors assessing the spine, the Sigma Instrument can determine the resistance of the joints in the spine and whether they are too hypermobile or hypo-mobile. The Sigma Instrument measures precise levels of motion within the joints providing the practitioner with highly specific feedback on where to provide the adjustments in the spine.

A gentle force

Restrictions in your joints cause the nerves to become irritated and transmit pain signals. The Sigma Instruments measures resistance for each spinal joint and through careful computer-generated calculations the perfect amount of resonant force is applied directly to the affected area.

A gentle and effective treatment which helps restore the ability of the nerves to transmit positive signals to the brain.


  • Enhanced range of motion in joints
  • Increased neural activity
  • Non- invasive
  • Gentle ‘tapping’ force
  • No twisting or bending invovled

What are Sigma Instruments?

Piezoelectric instruments that measure the stiffness of tissue or joints by applying a light mechanical force and sending tiny electric shock waves oscillating at a specific frequency through the tissue and reflecting back into a sensor.

The process occurs faster than the muscle can respond and an accurate picture of the rigidity or the joint or tissue is then calculated.

The instruments allow for continued analysis over the course of treatment, careful consideration of the data provides a method to track treatment, alter care and map progression.